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It Is A Shirt Thing

Posted by Julie Kalimian on

I cannot remember a time when I was not into clothes.  

Growing up in Ohio in the 70's I remember feeling right on trend. Elephant pants (the wider the better) when I was 10, the prep school cool look with papagallo bags, brooks brothers shirts and lily pulitzer anything in my early teens and finally  migrating to my mom's designer looks in my later teens as I "borrowed" her Calvin Klein, Anne Klein and Donna Karan pieces. 

Then, I went to college at the University of Michigan where kids from the East and West coasts converged with styles and brands that I had never heard of, but so desperately wanted! Remember Fioricci, Girbaud, Kenzo, Benetton, and more. 

After college I moved to NYC and thought I had died and gone to style heaven. I loved just walking the streets and soaking in all the amazing style. Without the clothing budget I craved I would go to the outdoor markets and pick up cool pieces.  During that time I discovered sample sales! Ahhh it was like a high when I would find a coveted sample sale and pick up an incredible item at an amazing price. 

Throughout it all there were a few ever present items that always stayed in my wardrobe. Those were the crisp button down white shirt, the simple ballet flat or loafer, the good leather bag and a rolex watch. No matter where I had to go if I was wearing some combination of those I always felt chic, international and timeless. 


How many times can one item elevate and permeate the looks of so many style icons. From Princess Kate to J. Lo to Sienna Miller to Taylor Swift to Gwen Stefanie--  these are just a few of the women who in the last few months have worn the white collared shirt and made us all swoon from how chic and put together they looked. 

Yes. The iconic collared shirt has been around since probably before the 1800s, but it continues to add a level of sophistication and chic today to any outfit. 

I loved walking down my fashion memory lane. I would love to hear about your fashion memories too. Please share!!! It's fun. I promise.